I know that I don’t own you, and perhaps I never will so my anger when you’re with her, I have no right to feel.

I know that you don’t owe me, and I shouldn’t ask for more; I shouldn’t feel so let down, all the times when you don’t call.

What I feel, I shouldn’t show you so when you’re around, I won’t; I know I’ve no right to feel it - but it doesn’t mean I don’t.

— Lang Leav

Who dat, who dat?

Name: Gianna Leila Valdez.

Suggested Name: Gia.

Nickname(s): Gi or Gigi.

Birthdate: June 19th, 1993.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini.

Age: 21.

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York.

Currently Residing In: Manhattan, New York.

Language(s): English and Spanish.

Parent(s): Maria Valdez and Eddie Cerro.

Marital Status: Single.

Children: None at the moment.

Occupation: Owner of Beauty Salon, “Belleza de Gia.”

New beginning; Belleza de Gia.

Inhaling deeply as she turned the key to unlock the door which she eventually pushed open, a smile quickly appeared on her face as she leaned against the door to allow the few construction workers she hired inside. She bit down on her lip as she held the yellow manila folder tightly. Inside the manila folder contained all the permits and everything that she needed to sucessfully open her salon. Gia swallowed hard as she looked back at the small counter and she placed the folder down, as well as the keys. She walked towards the back where the construction workers were and she placed her hands on her waist, raising an eyebrow.

"So do we have a deal?" she let out a chuckle as one of the construction workers walked up to her and extended his hand. "Ms. Valdez, we will be sure to have this place up and running in just a few weeks." he assured her. Gia sighed in relief as she lifted her hand up to shake his. "Thank you so much.. please take your time to start." she said softly before smiling. She waved to the rest of the construction workers as they walked out the store and back in with all the tools that they would need.

Making her way back to the counter, Gia picked up the thick folder before carefully pulling all the papers out and reading them carefully. Everything that she had ever wished for was right in front of her. She shut her eyes and took a moment to thank God for allowing her to get this far. Licking her lips, she opened her eyes and slowly looked through the papers before pulling out the illustration of how she wanted the salon. Gia placed everything else back in the folder and she made her way back to the same construction worker she talked to before. “Here’s how I want everything..” she nodded her head, pointing at the spot they were standing in. “I had someone come in and measure everything so this will just let you know where everything will go exactly.” she looked up at the worker as he took the paper from her hands.

"Don’t you worry your pretty little head, we’ll make your dream come true." he smiled big and walked back to the rest of the workers. Gia watched as they all joined together to look down at the paper and she moved her hand up to play with the small curls on the back of her head. "Well.. I’m gonna head out real quick guys, I’ll be back to check on y’all!" she yelled out as they all nodded their head. Gia sighed as she walked back to the front and she picked up the folder and keys before opening the door. She reached down to place the door stopper and she looked back once more to see a few construction workers walk towards her. She smiled as they walked past her to get a few more things they needed, "I’m gonna keep this door open for you guys, okay? Call me if you have any questions." she said softly when they made their way back in.


.الجيات أحسن من الرايحات

What is coming is better than what is gone.